Service Kit for Tinkle Valve

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Part Number:35.100.008
Service kit to replace the wear and tear parts in a Light Monkey Tinkle Valve 

Includes duckbill valve, duckbill washer, umbrella valve, and o-ring

For installation, it is recommended to rinse and clean the Tinkle Valve with a 50/50 mixture of vinegar and alcohol thoroughly before you begin 

Ensure that all replacement parts are clean and free of any dust or debris

DO NOT over tighten the set screw in the duckbill valve opening; this will manipulate the valve, causing it to leak

The best way to test if the kit was installed correctly is by blowing and sucking through the hose 

Testing the duckbill valve:
- Turn Delrin cap clockwise, closing it
- Blow through the hose
- If no air exits the duckbill valve opening, you have successfully installed the duckbill valve

Testing the umbrella valve:
- Ensure the Delrin cap is open by turning it counter-clockwise
- Completely cover the duckbill valve opening, creating an airtight seal
- Suck in through the hose
- If air cannot be sucked in, you have successfully installed the umbrella valve

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