Bailout Attachment System (BAS)

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Part Number:20.300.012

The Light Monkey bailout attachment system was designed with the less is more philosophy in mind. This compact and streamlined unit replaces the traditional rigid buttplate that is often difficult to reach with a back-mounted rebreather. The pliable webbing allows rebreathers to be set upright at the dive site without the risk of falling over, and the 2 D-rings are great for keeping spools and reels out of the way until needed. The design, utilizing two 3 stainless steel O-rings and a grommeted webbing bungee assembly, allows bailout, stage, or even sidemount bottles to be mounted in proper trim. 

System includes:

1 bailout attachment assembly

2 40 lengths of 5/16 mil-spec bungee

1 14 strip of 2 webbing with grommets

1 set of mounting hardware

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